Jade's Mission
                           Animal Outreach and Rescue
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Welcome to Jade's Mission
"Saving one animal 
won't change the world 
but it will surely change the world for that one animal." 
- Author Unknown 

Jade's Mission is in honor of the wonderful Pit Bull pictured above.
R.I.P. sweet, beautiful girl. You are gone but not forgotten.

Cold weather is just around the corner.   Many dogs are left outside with no protection from the cold elements.   They feel cold just like humans do.  They need access to shelter and bedding to keep them warm.  Fresh straw provides a layer of insulation to help keep them warm.  While on outreach we try to provide relief to the dogs living outdoors.  We provide straw to help them stay warm and try to educate the owners on the importance of dry shelter and fresh water during the winter months. We go through many bales of straw. This is where we need your help to keep us supplied with essential items  so we can provide some relief to those who are neglected. Please see our donation page for ways to help! Thank you!