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Welcome to Jade's Mission
Jade's Mission is in honor of the wonderful Pit Bull pictured above.
R.I.P. sweet, beautiful girl. You are gone but not forgotten.
Cold ​weather is here. That means a lot of dogs will be left outside to fair the winter temperatures in their dog house, or worse maybe the shelter of a tree. While on outreach we try to make sure these dogs have straw and their water isn't frozen solid. We try to educate owners on the importance of keeping these guys warm. Yes they have a winter fur, but that doesn't mean that all dogs can actually handle the cold temperatures. Trying to convince owners to take their dogs inside at even for just the night is a difficult task. We go through a lot of straw and count on our Jade's Mission followers to help keep these dogs warm. Please help to keep the street furbabies warm this winter by donating so we can get them some straw or even a dog house.

Please see our donation page for ways to help.  Thank you.
"Saving one animal 
won't change the world 
but it will surely change the world for that one animal." 
- Author Unknown